Altamonte Springs, FL CPA Firm

Why Choose Us?

Tax Planning

There are lot of CPA firms that can prepare a tax return. What makes us different is our ability to put the pieces of your tax puzzle in a way that results in the most optimized tax rate for you or your business.

Taking Ownership

Most CPA firms act more as an employee of their client versus their partners. In other words, they only do what they are told. In our case, we take ownership of your account – for example, if you are a client of ours and you forgot to file your extension, we take the responsibility of your account and file the extension without you even having to remember to file one.

Client Service

While every business boasts of client service, we like our existing clients to share their experiences about our services. As a result, we have added a Review page on our website which posts all the 3rd party reviews from social media sites about the quality of our work product along with our service. We are hoping the reviews will speak for themselves rather than us trying to brag about our services.

Value Billing

We believe in value billing our clients as we are looking to build long term relationships month after month and year after year with our clients.

Client Selectivity

We are not looking to accept every single prospect that walks into our door as lot of struggling firms do. We are looking for clients that are professional, ethical, have a need to hire CPA firm and are a good fit for our firm. We have no interest in taking on clients that we cannot help. We are only interested in accepting clients that we truly can help and are confident will say at the end of the engagement that hiring Shah & Associates CPAs PA was the best decision they ever made.